What have we done in 2021? Celebrating a year of research in the Social-Ecological Systems Institute


2021 has seen many successes and causes to celebrate within the Social-Ecological Systems Institute (SESI) at Leuphana University and across its collaborations, along with the challenges that emerge from conducting research in a pandemic. This year we have worked hard in SESI to understand and respond to a wide range of social-ecological challenges. In doing so, we have provided better understandings of social-ecological interactions and leverage points that can improve sustainability and justice.

Some of the social-ecological systems in which SESI researchers work.

People in SESI have conducted research on six main topics throughout this year: biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services and nature’s contributions to people, relational values, biocultural diversity, cross-scale governance, and leverage points and transformation. Our blog this year has featured many of the publications and projects targeting those six topics.

Biodiversity conservation has been a central focus for SESI researchers, who have worked in both the Global North…

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2 thoughts on “What have we done in 2021? Celebrating a year of research in the Social-Ecological Systems Institute

  1. what about environmental susitanability

    On Mon, Dec 20, 2021, 9:46 AM Ideas for Sustainability wrote:

    > Joern posted: ” ” >

    • Thanks for the comment. Environmental sustainability — and indeed other aspects of sustainability — are at the heart of our research. Happy new year!

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