How can we create more caring knowledge production? Linking transdisciplinary sustainability science and feminist research approaches in an ethos of care.


Transdisciplinary sustainability science has grown in recent years as a potential answer to sustainability problems and can improve collaborative knowledge production. However, within schools of feminist thought, care structures and relational ethics are seen as significant. Therefore, to increase its transformative potential, transdisciplinary sustainability science needs to consider and combat unequal power relations and top-down scientific constructs. Staffa et al. (2021) aim to contribute to this convergence of feminist and transdisciplinary sustainability knowledge production, by incorporating critical research approaches into the design of transdisciplinary research.

Staffa et al. (2021) were inspired by the feminist ethos of care created by Puig de la Bellacasa (2012), and therefore aimed to apply this to transdisciplinary sustainability science to provide guidance for researchers and helping them to generate critical-emancipatory knowledge. Despite some overlap in these fields, the authors argued that questions of power dynamics, domination and hierarchies in research are often overlooked in transdisciplinary…

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