How can we build inclusive and sustainable futures for all? Disabled populations and climate and environmental change


Climate and environmental change already have grave and disproportionate impacts on disabled populations, yet these are projected to increase. This constitutes a challenge for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which were created to mitigate these changes. Data on climate and environmental change impacts on disabled populations is extremely lacking, despite being the largest marginalized group, and progress in addressing this within the environmental justice framework is slow. Therefore, Kosanic et al. (2022) critically evaluated the different evidence of climate impacts on disabled populations in mainstream academic publishing. With this, they aimed to assess the current state of knowledge, and to provide recommendations for future research and policy regarding the disabled community and climate and environmental change.

Figure 1. An illustration of the disproportionate vulnerability towards climate-related hazards, such as flooding, of people with disabilities (source: Asad, 2017). (Kosanic et al. 2022)

The results from the authors’ literature review demonstrated the…

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