Sustainability transformations: fostering co-productive agility through four collaborative pathways


Recently, co-production and transformation have become more common phrases in sustainability science. However, current co-production frameworks often focus on achieving predetermined aims, rather than focussing on the process. Much attention has been given to understanding transformative frames and creating approaches, however the ways in which tensions and conflicts can be navigated in these processes is not well researched. Chambers et al. (2021) therefore looked to current co-production initiatives, to explore how tensions were navigated, and discover “co-productive agility” as a method of broadening collective pathways to sustainable futures.

Figure 1. Co-productive agility for sustainability transformations. (Chambers et al. 2021).

Chambers et al. (2021) refer to co-productive agility, which is the ability of diverse stakeholders to engage in dialogues and create shared ideas and actions that may not have otherwise been possible. This concept involves the embedding of knowledge production in change processes and can reveal pathways to transformation. The authors…

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One thought on “Sustainability transformations: fostering co-productive agility through four collaborative pathways

  1. Thanks, noted in the framework document!!

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    PhD Researcher in Pisa Agricultural Economics Group Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment | University of Pisa

    PhD Fellow at Konrad Lorenz Institute Martinstraße 12 | Klosterneuburg, Austria

    Projects: Horizon 2020 ROBUST & SHERPA

    Knickel, M.; Neuberger, S.; Klerkx, L.; Knickel, K.; Brunori, G.; Saatkamp, H. Strengthening the Role of Academic Institutions and Innovation Brokers in Agri-Food Innovation: Towards Hybridisation in Cross-Border Cooperation. Sustainability 2021, 13, 4899. (Open Access)

    Knickel, M.; Knickel, K.; Galli, F.; Maye, D.; Wiskerke, J.S.C. Towards a Reflexive Framework for Fostering Co—Learning and Improvement of Transdisciplinary Collaboration. Sustainability 2019, 11, 6602. (Open Access)

    Knickel, K.; Almeida, A.; Galli, F.; Hausegger-Nestelberger, K.; Goodwin-Hawkins, B.; Hrabar, M.; Keech, D.; Knickel, M.; Lehtonen, O.; Maye, D.; Ruiz-Martinez, I.; Šūmane, S.; Vulto, H.; Wiskerke, J.S.C. Transitioning towards a Sustainable Wellbeing Economy—Implications for Rural–Urban Relations. Land 2021, 10, 512. (Open Access)

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