Who we are: Dave Abson

Note by Joern: I’m pasting in Dave’s introduction to the world here. We’ll get some academic content from him on this blog very soon. For now, enjoy a slightly less academic introduction below.

Who am I? A highly cynical, slightly grumpy and rapidly aging ersatz Yorkshire man (or Island Monkey as some Germans charmingly refer to the English… well mainly my German in-laws). Academically I guess I am a social-scientist/economist/landscape-ecologist/geographer (a less charitable description might be jack of all trades and master of none). After an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and three years as a design engineer I decided to take a short holiday (six years) and see a bit of the world, from this experience I concluded that the world (rather than just Yorkshire) is rather nice and that I would quite like for it to remain nice in the future. So I went back to University did a Master’s degree in sustainable development and then a PhD in social-science/economics/landscape-ecology/geography. In my PhD I used the notion of landscape heterogeneity as integrating concept to link the ecological (farmland bird conservation) and socio-economic (stability and resilience of farmed incomes) functions of agricultural landscapes.

(Serious academic profile picture, balloon models on request)

(Serious academic profile picture, balloon models on request)

I was convinced to move to Germany based on the promise of warm, sunny summers (a terrible lie if last year is anything to go by) and the high quality bread (no complaints there). Since May 2012 I have been a post doc at Leuphana university working for the FuturES Research Center on ecosystem services and generally sticking my oar/voicing my (often unasked for) opinion on various bits of the Fostering sustainable development in Eastern Europe project.

My research interests can be summed up as an interest in the integration of social and natural science conceptualisations/perspectives of sustainability in rural landscapes, with particular interests in systems thinking, the meaning and application of value theory to ecosystem services and spatially explicit modelling of socio-ecological systems, more about me can be found here.

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