Appreciation for sustainability

If we appreciated just a little bit more what we have – I think it would slow us down from destroying our environment. Looking at “what is enough?” is a different perspective to “what is still missing?”. It makes our lives much happier if we allow ourselves a moment to cherish the good things that we have achieved already. Our desire for more things, more power, more of anything causes a great imbalance globally, especially because we all have different starting points. All of us who share this moment – me writing this blog entry, you reading it, we all might already live more sustainably than other members of our society. But some of us “environmentalists” have become cynical and negative about the future of nature. I think we are blessed to live in a century in which we have the best conditions to communicate with each other – it should be easier than ever to feel that we are ONE global society, and that we have one common interest: To survive. We should stop to blame politics, industry, the OTHERS for the development taking place on Earth –  instead, we can take a deep breath and see ourselves as creators of our own lives. I am convinced that the key to sustainability is not to dictate others to become vegetarians, carbon-neutral consumers, or some other kind of super-environmental being…  and to blame them if they reject this. I think we will achieve more if we, instead, slow down and allow our mind to arrive in the moment that we are in – to respect the world around us, and to be grateful that we live in the fortunate situation to be able to change something.

Van Gogh´s Almonds Blossoms

Being more positive won’t be the solution to all the problems that we have in the world. But it will help us to practice our awareness, allows us to be free of judgments for a while and be friendlier to ourselves, each other and our environment. It will cost us nothing but a few moments of concentration and it will make a difference to our behaviour. Lack of action can be an environmentally friendly activity. We should appreciate that we have the option to create a better world.

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