Sparing, sharing, sparing, sharing …

The Food Climate Research Network just posted a new online discussion on land sparing and land sharing. This discussion, in turn, was triggered by Elena Bennett’s comment on land sparing/sharing in Nature Ecology & Evolution. I am reproducing my own response here — please take a look at the full discussion, too, where you will find other, … Continue reading

Towards better interpretation of land sparing/sharing studies

Introductory note by Joern: The following guest post is by Ben Phalan from the University of Cambridge. Ben and I have not always agreed on things related to land sparing/sharing — but as his post shows, there is quite a bit we do agree on. Comments welcome! Joern has kindly given me the opportunity to respond to his … Continue reading

To all editors, reviewers and authors: time to move on regarding land sparing

By Joern Fischer Synopsis of this blog post: We don’t need sparing or sharing but both; and how exactly this should happen in any given landscape requires a (more holistic) interdisciplinary approach to be answered. Editors, reviewers and authors should recognize this and prioritise work that goes substantially beyond trading off sparing vs. sharing. It’s … Continue reading

Paper recommendation: Claire Kremen on land sparing and sharing

By Joern Fischer Finally: an authoritative must-read paper that provides an in-depth critique on the framework of land sparing versus land sharing. I highly recommend this new paper by Claire Kremen, published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences (and freely available here). The paper is an impressive synthesis of a vast … Continue reading

Land sparing versus land sharing: moving forward

By Joern Fischer This morning I gave my own talk at Rethinking Agricultural Systems. It is based on a paper now in press at Conservation Letters (pre-final version here). I don’t have a “script” of my talk, but I have my slides, which I thought I’d share with you here. Joern Fischer land sparing land … Continue reading

Land sparing versus land sharing: new evidence

By Joern Fischer Today I’d like to recommend a new paper by Richard Chandler, available here. It’s called A Small-Scale Land-Sparing Approach to Conserving Biological Diversity in Tropical Agricultural Landscapes, and gives us a fresh perspective on land sparing versus land sharing. Comments are welcome of course — when you read my review below, you will find I … Continue reading

Land sparing versus land sharing at #ECCB2012

By Joern Fischer Reporting on my second day from the European Section Meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology … this morning was the symposium on land sparing or land sharing. I was one of the speakers, and I thoroughly enjoyed this session. I found it was one of the highest quality sessions I have … Continue reading

Scale versus mechanism: a problem with land sparing versus land sharing

By Joern Fischer I just read the recent paper by J. Franklin Egan and David A. Mortensen in Ecological Applications, on land sparing versus land sharing. I liked the paper in that it implicitly raised the issue of scale. Funnily enough, the authors conceptualise the issue of land sparing versus land sharing carefully, but still, … Continue reading

Congratulations, Dr. Aisa Manlosa and Dr. Tolera Senbeto Jiren!

By Joern Fischer Today was a big day for our research group: two of four PhD students on our project on food security and biodiversity conservation defended their PhDs! Congratulations, Aisa and Tolera – you made it! The four PhD theses in this project cover aspects of biodiversity, ecosystem services, livelihoods and governance. Two theses … Continue reading