What exactly is landscape sustainability? Searching for clarity through Q-analysis of 45 landscape case studies


Business-as-usual land use has failed as a land management strategy during the Anthropocene. As a result, landscape approaches to land use, which take a more holistic understanding of natural processes, have cropped up around the globe.

Roughly, a landscape approach is “a framework that integrates policy and practice to address the multi-scalar pressures on social-ecological systems and to reconcile economic development with the conservation of natural and social values” (Torralba et al. 2023) However, the application of landscape approaches varies. The question stands: what is the specific objective of a landscape approach and how exactly is it being used to promote landscape sustainability? In this research project, Torralba et al. explored how the idea of a ‘landscape approach’ is understood and used. By better understanding what is happening, we can continue to bridge the gap between science, policy, and practice.

To understand how landscape approaches are seen and implemented at…

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