Conservation Planning to support Local Decision-Making


Biodiversity modeling is a useful tool when it comes to preparing for land-use change. However, most models work on a global or regional level, making it difficult to predict what land-use change might look like at a specific location. In their recent paper, Duguma et al. (2023) focus on landscape-scale analysis to support local decision-making in southwestern Ethiopia. For their research, they “used statistical models to relate empirical data on woody plant species richness to indicators of human disturbance and environmental conditions in order to make spatial predictions at landscape scale for future scenarios.”

The study specifically looked at woody plants, which have important social and ecological functions in the area. As well as supporting animal life, woody plants provide ecosystem services that support the livelihoods of the local population. For another research project, the research team and local citizens created four alternative future social-ecological land-use scenarios for this region…

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