Using the Three Horizons Framework with storytelling to explore narratives of change towards positive futures


Artworks created by a local artist based on the workshop discussions. They represent each of the three horizons. Artist: Julia Roche. Photos: Jack of Hearts/Jackie Cooper

It is widely acknowledged that business-as-usual practices are not an option and will only accelerate anthropogenic climate change and the global biodiversity crisis. However, the sustainability community is struggling with negative future projections and there is an urgent need to create and promote positive visions of more sustainable futures. Such positive visions can be useful to provide direction and inspire change. So the question is: How can local communities create those visions to improve biodiversity outcomes on the ground?

Schaal et al. (2023) propose the Three Horizons Framework. The Three Horizons Framework is a participatory tool to futures development and consists of three overlapping horizons.

Horizon 1 is our current business-as-usual system. Horizon 3 is the desired future state that we want. Horizon 2…

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