Analyzing Sustainable Innovations


What are the characteristics of sustainability innovations? Which factors influence sustainability innovations and what are their specific outcomes? Dabard and Mann (2022) answer these questions in their new paper on Sustainability Innovations.

A leading tenant of the sustainability movement is the belief that solving environmental issues requires both technological and holistic system changes. Sustainable innovations are clearly a necessity. However, our understanding of which characteristics make a transition or innovation sustainable is often implicit. Three frameworks that are commonly used to conceptualize these transitions are the Multilevel Perspectives Framework (MLP), the Technological Innovations Systems (TIS) approach, and the Social-Ecological Systems (SES) framework. All three frameworks focus on specific dimensions of transitions. Dabard and Mann (2022) contribute to the definition of Sustainability Innovations and propose an alternative approach to sustainability transitions through the Sustainability Innovation Framework, which is generic and therefore can be more comprehensively applied to a wider range of…

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