How is Indigenous and local knowledge being lost due to climate change? Exploring tangible and intangible cultural heritage in the face of change.


Human-driven climate change has already begun to lead to loss of life, biodiversity, social cohesion, and cultural knowledge. Indigenous and local knowledge (ILK) and cultural heritage are especially affected, especially the aspects thereof that are not embedded in physical or tangible heritage and are rather abstract. There has been a growth in the past three decades of research into local, traditional, and Indigenous knowledge associated with environmental management. Pearson et al. (2021) therefore created a novel approach by focussing and synthesising literature on intangible ILK and cultural heritage to understand how climate change drives the loss thereof.

The Pacific Climate Warriors, 350 Fiji Day of Action. Image Credits: Jeff Tan.

The authors conducted a systematic review of 100 studies to collect knowledge on the current state of research on ILK and cultural heritage, and how they are affected by climate change, along with identifying knowledge gaps and finding solutions and…

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