A Global Conversation: Towards a caring transdisciplinary research environment.


As humans, we care for a great many things. We care for the land and its living creatures, for ourselves, our society, and social injustices, and for the productivity and norms that are expected of us. However, when we look at research communities, and especially social-ecological systems researchers, there is an imbalance in the level of value given to aspects of the research community. Oftentimes, self-care, family time, and our free time is sacrificed for scientific rigour, busyness, productivity, competition, and achievements in the research space.

Graphical recording of the dialogue on a caring ethos for social-ecological systems research by Juliane Höhle.

In this month’s session of the seminar series “Social Ecological Systems: A Global Conversation, the topic of how to implement more caring practices and create a caring ethos for transdisciplinary science was covered, with a focus on current harmful practices, navigating science, society and self, leadership collectives…

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