Invitation: A Global Conversation about Social-Ecological Systems


What do the Bolivian lowlands, Ethiopian smallholder farming landscapes, and Zambian protected areas have in common? They are all complex social-ecological systems shaped by interactions between nature and people. And they are being explored by members of the Social-Ecological Systems Institute (SESI).

SESI is a young institute located at Leuphana University, Germany, where researchers with diverse disciplinary backgrounds investigate interconnections between nature and people and develop new approaches to gain a better understanding of social-ecological systems all around the world. Their particular foci are as multifaceted as the study areas they cover: questions on equity and justice in conservation contexts, the relations of people to their environment, studies on species and their habitats, leverage points for sustainability transformations, and many more areas are considered likewise.

One year after its foundation, the institute wants to share its work with the world and engage in a global conversation about social-ecological systems research…

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