Instrumental values increase when relational values decrease? Exploring relational values in cultural landscapes of Romania and Germany.


Environmental conservation encompasses a range of values that are increasingly being researched and understood. The concept of relational values has gained traction due to the growing recognition that changing landscapes affect human-nature and human-human relationships. However, there is still a large research gap here, which Riechers et al. (2021) aimed to address by empirically assessing relational values through a comparison of cultural landscapes in Romania and Germany.

The authors conducted questionnaires within six agricultural landscapes in Transylvania, Romania, and Lower Saxony, Germany to analyse relational, intrinsic and instrumental values associated with these areas. These landscapes were chosen based on a land use intensity gradient, allowing for comparisons between the intensity of landscape changes.

The results maintained that relational and intrinsic values were important to all respondents from Romania and Germany, despite clear differences between the landscapes. Riechers et al. (2021) found that values were bundled into 4 groups: those concerned…

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