Key advantages of the leverage points perspective for shaping human-nature relations – a synthesis.


It has long been recognised in scientific discourse that current short-term and technological solutions to control climate change and promote sustainability are falling short of creating systemic change. To enable a sustainability transformation, we need interventions that tackle the root causes of the current un-sustainable trajectory of the Anthropocene. One way to achieve more sustainability is through reconnection with nature. Based on the individual works published in the Special Issue: Human-nature connectedness as leverage points for sustainability transformation (presented in last weeks blog post), 15 authors came together to synthesize their lessons learnt. Their newly published paper highlights the key advantages of the leverage points perspective to shape human-nature relations (Riechers et al. 2021).

Riechers et al. (2021) examines four key advantages of the leverage points perspective (LPP) in fostering human-nature relations:

(1) The LPP enables a focus on deep leverage points. The authors highlight the deep leverage…

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