People On the Move: Migration as An Adaptation to Climate Change 


Worldwide, people leave their homes, hoping to improve their living conditions by moving to mostly urban areas. While economic opportunities play a central role in migration flows, push factors such as climate change are projected to intensify current migration trends. In a recently published commentary, Adger et al. (2020) examine migration as a potentially effective adaptation to a changing climate. They call for the development of institutions and policies within and across countries to effectively address the challenges and costs of climate-related migration and facilitate better adaptation to climate change

The majority of migration flows involve people moving within their own countries, most often from non-urban to urban areas. While many people migrate by choice, some groups are forced to change locations to ensure their survival. Such involuntary migration is oftentimes a result of conflict or acute environmental catastrophes and has been steadily increasing: globally, almost 24 million people have…

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