A Reconciliation of Success in Times of a Global Crisis

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By Jacqueline Loos

Currently, many people are worrying about their lives and the lives of their beloved ones. Some people, especially the most vulnerable among us, may be losing the little income they have during this time of shutdown, or work under circumstances that won´t allow them the luxury of physical distancing, not enjoying any health insurance, while maybe having no access to clean water or facing domestic violence during #stayhome.

Meanwhile, worries about a scientific career or general academic productivity seem irrelevant, yet there is a real pressure for success for people working in research. Maybe it´s a good time now to reconcile what we can consider a success at day-to-day basis. Here some suggestions what we can consider successes instead:

  • Every minute of focus on or constructive thoughts about work is already a tiny step towards our original goals.
  • Accepting the current condition is already a crucial step…

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