Two open PhD positions in project on biocultural diversity

By Jan Hanspach

We are currently looking for two PhD students in an interdisciplinary research project called “Biocultural diversity in farming landscapes of the Global South”. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within their Research for Sustainable Development program. The project will study the connection between biocultural diversity and sustainability through (I) a literature review, (II) empirical fieldwork in Bolivia and (III) workshops in a range of different farming landscapes in the Global South. The PhD students will be based in Lüneburg, but will spend a considerable part of their time doing field work in Bolivia. Therefore we would prefer to hire native speakers, but the call is open to others as well.

Bolivia is a country with a high biocultural diversity, i.e. a large diversity of ecological and cultural conditions that have co-evolved during a long history of interactions. This project will study the characteristics of this biocultural diversity and how it can contribute sustainability.

Here are the job adverts:

PhD1: Social aspects of biocultural diversity and sustainability

PhD 2: Ecological aspects of biocultural diversity and sustainability

The application deadline is August 13.

The advertisements have been officially published here.

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