Food security and biodiversity: presentation at Stockholm Resilience Centre

By Joern Fischer

Last month I visited the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Among other things, I gave a talk on our food security and biodiversity research. The resulting video was originally posted on the Resilience Centre’s website. I am reproducing it here to give an update of where our work (and thinking) is at.

2 thoughts on “Food security and biodiversity: presentation at Stockholm Resilience Centre

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this talk, and glad that the last paragraph of my thesis (admittedly mostly on crop production), at least somewhat aligns with this:
    “The way in which we conceptualise problems shapes how we come to design and implement solutions. Agriculture currently impacts the majority of the world’s ecosystems (Ellis & Ramankutty, 2008) and threatened species (Maxwell et al., 2016), and this impact is set to rise in the future (Sala et al., 2000). Policy makers and research efforts should better reflect the importance of agriculture in conservation research and action. Within this, more careful attention should be given to the multifaceted nature of farming, specifically: a better inclusion of the many ways in which we produce crops, a more holistic view of the destination of produce in terms of food versus feed versus fuel, and a deeper understanding of the underlying levers worth pulling in order to truly reconcile food and fauna.”
    Thanks for uploading!

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