What is the role of place-based ecology in conservation biology?

At the Sustainable Landscapes Group we want to improve our understanding of the importance of place-based ecological research in conservation biology. Place-based research in natural and social science is concerned with understanding processes and systems, usually at the ‘local’ scale, sometimes referred to as the ‘landscape’. Many place-based studies are defined by geographic, biophysical, or human constructed boundaries such as administrative units (e.g. local government areas, counties) and many – if not all – are particularly concerned with issues specific to the defined area. However, place-based research can also inform general theory and applications of local knowledge to problems outside the focal place.

We would like to know what type of ecological research ecologists engage in; whether they engage in place-based research; where they do that research, and where they publish their work relative to their careers. We have designed a survey to collect data on this subject and we ask that you help us by clicking here and completing the survey. The survey needs about 10-20 minutes of your time. Please spread the word to all the ecologists you know! We will keep you updated with progress and the results.


One thought on “What is the role of place-based ecology in conservation biology?

  1. Just for the record — the above post was written by Neil Collier, who is also leading this (much-needed!) research on the role of place based research. Is place-based research becoming unfashionable …? I hope many of our readers complete the questionnaire put together by Neil!

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