Being NEAR and FAR: The role of a formative accompanying researcher in the Leverage Points team

Reproduced from the Leverage Points blog — enjoy!

Leverage Points for Sustainability Transformation

Rebecca Freeth

When people ask me what my role is in the Leverage Points project, I tend to take a deep breath before embarking on an explanation. I start with what I’m not doing; I’m not looking at the content of sustainability transitions or the mechanisms of leverage points; I’m not studying food or energy systems in Lower Saxony or Transylvania as my colleagues are.  Actually, I hasten to add, I am deeply interested in all these things.  But I’ve travelled from Cape Town to Lüneburg to study the Leverage Points team itself, to learn about interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research from the inside (well, from the boundary, with one foot in and one foot out, but that’s for another blog post) and to engender learning within the team itself.   So that we all end up a bit wiser about the how-to of research collaboration across disciplines or, to borrow Ulrike…

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One thought on “Being NEAR and FAR: The role of a formative accompanying researcher in the Leverage Points team

  1. Hi Rebecca.

    I so enjoyed reading your post as I played a very similar role in a collaborative research partnership in South Africa between a university and a local municipality (in Durban). I didn’t have quite so interesting a title (“Formative Accompanying Researcher”) but felt some of the challenges your describe but also some of the thrill of researching the research process.

    We recently (finally!) published a paper on the partnership to capture some of this “research about research” and you might find this interesting as a comparison with your work:

    I think this is a fascinating area of research – quite new to me. I would be keen to keep in touch with you.

    (P.S. I tried to post this comment on the Leverage Points blog but couldn’t find a comment button/box?!)

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