Calories for a ‘normal life’


In the previous post about calorie production from crops across more than thirty countries I quoted the figure of 2,200 calories for a ‘normal life’. This figure is by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation to assess hunger across the globe. Two days after publishing the post a colleague alerted me to a very important critique of the FAOs major report on hunger: the State of Food Insecurity in the World 2012 (SOFI 12). This document entitled Framing Hunger: A response to The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2012 and is a collaboration between 17 people across 7 institutions (Details included in the report).

One major and quite alarming critique is the use of 2,200 calories as the threshold for considering a person hungry. In the post I stated that this number of calories was sufficient for a ‘normal lifestyle’. In fact 2,200 calories is considered sufficient…

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One thought on “Calories for a ‘normal life’

  1. Even more alarming when you consider the average daily intake in the US is more than 3700 cal, and obesity rates are among the highest in the world. Likewise in Australia. Makes you wonder how much of the nutritional needs of many could be met through the small sacrifice of a few (ie, forgoing their fifth meal of the day), rather than by creating further farmland or intensifying existing production.

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