Yet another two new junior professorships in sustainability at Leuphana!

By Joern Fischer

The Faculty of Sustainability at Leuphana University Lueneburg is continuing to grow in size and quality — again, we’re able to fill two new junior professorships — and, this time specifically encouraging applicants from the Global South! (I interpret this to mean that one of the two positions might go to somebody from the Global South.)

These positions typically involve three years of funding (i.e. salary), plus another three years subject to a good mid-term evaluation (total duration = six years). The teaching load is light (about 20% or so full-time equivalent). Successful applicants are usually within 5 or so years of their PhDs. Exceptionally strong candidates can make it straight out of their PhDs, but this is not particularly common and requires a strong publication record.

The full advertisement for these new positions is available on the Leuphana website. Some of the key text is copied here for your information:

Applicants should have a university degree in a relevant field for sustainability science, and should have an in-depth understanding of this emerging field. Their current and future profile specifically should complement the existing expertise of the Faculty of Sustainability – in its core research areas (i.e. ecosystem services, energy transition, social challenges related to sustainability, physical resources), related areas, or in other relevant cross-cutting themes (e.g. social and cultural dimension of sustainability, gender and diversity, sustainability transformations, innovation and sustainability). Applicants should outline how their future research and teaching will contribute to the further advancement of sustainability science in general and the Faculty in particular. Proven interest and expertise in collaboration with colleagues from other disciplines, as well as with stakeholders from outside academia, is expected. Either a strong publication record relative to opportunity or exceptional experience with outreach is a requirement.

Successful candidates (m/f) are expected to become actively involved in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects and to further develop the profile of the Faculty in the field of (transformative) sustainability science. It is envisioned that at least one of the candidates will be affiliated with a planned joint institute of Leuphana University and Arizona State University, which is in the process of being set up. Hence, experience in working in international research and teaching environments is an advantage. Furthermore, the Faculty acknowledges that major sustainability challenges concern the global south. Therefore applicants from countries in the global south are especially invited to apply for the positions.

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