Paper recommendation: ecosystem services as a contested concept

By Joern Fischer

I highly recommend the following new paper:

Ecosystem services as a contested concept: a synthesis of critique and counter-arguments

Schröter M, van der Zanden E, van Oudenhoven A, Remme R, Serna-Chavez H, de Groot R, Opdam P.

Conserv Lett 2014 Feb, DOI: 10.1111/conl.12091

Schröter et al. provide a nicely balanced assessment of seven areas of disagreement in the field of ecosystem services research.

The superbly structured paper makes it easy to navigate through existing controversy around ecosystem services. While one may not necessarily agree with all of the ways forward suggested by the authors, the clear description of critiques and counter-critiques is extremely helpful to structure constructive debate.

Table 1 (below as a preview, click to enlarge) summarises the key arguments in a particularly accessible format.

This is an excellent overview, which — unlike many other papers dealing with similar issues — appears very balanced in its treatment of important conceptual issues.

The full paper is here.


3 thoughts on “Paper recommendation: ecosystem services as a contested concept

  1. Thank you for another nice recommendation. I have been following your blog for some time now and especially enjoy your paper recommendations. My work (PhD student) is related to “touristic ecosystem services” and incorporating the visions of local actors in rural Mexico.

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