The adaptive cycle and the Romanian autumn

Previously I wrote a slightly ‘lyric’ blog about the desperate desire of developed countries to maintain their economic ‘K’ phase, and avoid the economic omega phase, that is the economic collapse. This very natural, internal and powerful force is like a tsunami: it is big and destructive in its power, and waves across the planet searching for new resources to be digested for the glory of the ‘western K’. Those who direct this deadly wave, are permanently scanning the world resources: where is a larger yield gap? Where is the healthy fresh water? The gas? The gold? More wood to be exploited? Cheap man power? And the list of these driving questions can continue. It happens that much of these resources are in countries which, from a western type of economic perspective are in the reorganization phase (alpha trying to go in r, they are called ‘developing’…my question: developing to what? See below). And representants of the ‘western, shaking K economies’, in the form of corporations, for example, will appear in these ‘developing’ and resource rich regions: shining and preaching about wealth, economic growth, ecological stability and other similar things. These are politically appealing messages, and therefore it is not surprising that this external force will select, in a re-inforcing way, for politicians (who sadly by definition think in short term benefits) who put in their flag these messages. But, and importantly, none of the regions ‘blessed’ with such an intervention will turn into a flourishing ‘K’ economy, as it was initially hoped. Generations will pass, the resources will be depleted, poverty and misery increases (including the gap between the rich and poor), the beautiful, healthy and human natural environment will be, just a nostalgic, beautiful memory for the locals, while the tsunami is increasing and waving, waving around the planet…with its big smile in the face, searching opportunistically for more countries with resources and irresponsible leaders.

This is increasingly obvious for me, especially now, in the period of the Romanian autumn (and see this). The powerful gold corporation company caused enormous troubles in all social and institutional and political levels of Romania.

The ‘Romanian autumn’ is, however, an unexpected lesson for this world, in its all positive senses. Through his magnitude, creativeness and peacefulness, and nevertheless through its fundamental goal, that is to protect our environment and have responsible political leaders, the ‘Romanian autumn’ movement will set a reference point for every environmental movement happening from now on, on this planet. Many thousands of people are on the street for weeks (and the protest actually happens), and, importantly, not for an extra sausage in the plate (i.e. not for a western ‘K’ state),  but rather for the protection of our eternal human values and sustainable use of resources and our common future.  Finally, one thing, where the world should ally to Romania; a thing, where the rest of the world is the ‘developing’ and Romania is the developed.


‘A human chain around the Parlament, the biggest building in Romania! At least 6000 people estimated to be protesting for a sustainable future and for Rosia Montana!’ (source of the picture and caption: Facebook: ‘Uniti Salvam’)

UntitledPeaceful protests in Cluj Napoca (source: Andrei Pintea, Facebook)

berlinOur little group of protestors in Berlin (picture: Andrei Ala, Facebook)

I highly recommend to the economically developed world, to open ‘its’ eyes and see what is happening now in Romania, with hope. And shift, from being in the ‘K’ phase of a shaking and destructive economy, to be in the ‘K’ phase of responsibility toward the environment and our future. Because this is the true development, which is happening at the level of our value systems, and intellect. And I can assure you: such a ‘K’ phase, if truly attained, will never collapse.

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