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Beginning to End Hunger

As discussed in my previous differing values post, my goal was to draw attention to the fact that natural and social sciences may actually share quite a few common values and therefore are not as different as they seem on the surface and recognizing common values can be one way to facilitate interdisciplinary bridges. The second barrier, same phenomena, different theories and methodologies exists both within and between disciplines and while all researchers possess the ability to examine values, being comfortable working outside ones theoretical and methodological framework is a skill that must be cultivated before this barrier to interdisciplinarity can be overcome.

Just to recap…In their paper Practicing Interdisciplinarity, Sharachchandra Lele and Richard Norgaard (2005) discuss four common barriers to interdisciplinary research in the context of a regional- or local-scale project. They claim these barriers inhibit researchers from thinking collectively about complex problems. Understanding issues such as climate change…

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