Writing papers that get published

By Joern Fischer

I’ve been terribly quiet on this blog recently — and am very grateful to my co-bloggers for having filled the silence!

Today I just have a short comment, which may be of use to some. I’m teaching a one-week intensive course on writing scientific papers this week. For that, I use a website that I put together about a year or so ago. That website basically summarises my own experience regarding paper writing: from framing the paper, via having a strong outline, all the way to how to deal with revisions.

Some of you may know of this site already. But to those of you who haven’t seen it yet, feel free to use it, or share it with your students who are new to the business of scientific writing.

Here is the link: writingajournalarticle.wordpress.com

One thought on “Writing papers that get published

  1. Apologies to my readers, the previous link didn’t work — I’ve fixed it now, thanks to a careful reader who pointed out the mistake to me! (Thanks!)

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