Remember? A little while back, Jan reported to us about how a company had painted houses in Roades in black, so that they could feature in a major advertisement. Here the result — “enjoy” — and judge for yourselves whether you think it was ethical to pay people low amounts of money so that advertisements like this one become possible… to view the video that came from the whole “paint it black” thing, read the rest of this post, and go to “comments”.

Ideas for Sustainability

By Jan Hanspach

Today I made a trip to the small Transylvanian village of Roadeş. I expected to have a relaxed and enjoyable time and to learn a bit about the past live of the Saxons when visiting the house of a Saxon friend. To my surprise the all village was busy and I learned more about the present reality than the past habitats of the Saxons.

That was because the village was full of people preparing a shooting for a commercial for a major Irish brewery. The most import feature was that people were painting buildings’ faces black. To be honest, I was shocked when I saw all the beautiful houses coloured in black and it makes me sad to know that only for a few Euros such a thing is possible here.

Of course, Roadeş will not be permanently black. The colour is glucose based and they promised…

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