New blog post on “sustainable intensification”

By Joern Fischer

The “Landscapes Blog” has a nice new entry on sustainable intensification, which comments on a recent major report from the UK. I suggest you visit their blog and comment on it. Discussion on this issue is urgently needed!

The blog entry lives here.


2 thoughts on “New blog post on “sustainable intensification”

  1. Ah, I see you just posted on this–I commented on this piece briefly in response to your next blog post, Joern. I think the Garnett and Godfray piece covers some good ground and lays out a good case for a systematic approach to the question. On the other hand, I think the need for and complexity of democratic and moral implementation, not to mention the importance of non-SI approaches to providing food security, is under-discussed in the piece. I also don’t know that they totally avoid some of the reservations you’ve expressed about SI in the past…

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