Cracks in the ivory tower: is academia’s culture sustainable?

By Joern Fischer

Today, just a short invitation to readers to engage in an online discussion currently going on on one of Australia’s most important higher education sites — on the topic of whether current academic culture is sustainable. The piece is based on our recent opinion letter in TREE.

People following this might also be interested that the first response letter in TREE is up — more coming, as well as a response by us… view it here.


2 thoughts on “Cracks in the ivory tower: is academia’s culture sustainable?

  1. Life seem to be increasingly hard – for those working in academia and I guess outside academia too (I see what is happening with poor people working hard in factories / companies all day for very little salary…even if salary is big, the craziness is still there: they dont have time to be humans). What could be the major, deep, drivers of this probably general phenomena? It should have a reason. Increasing human population (while the resources are depleting)? I dont know. Still, often I have the feeling that no matter how busy the system makes us – i.e. those working in academia – we may consider ourselves lucky: at least we love what we do. For the majority of the people living – and working – on this planet, this simple happyness may not be given (i.e. they may work a lot and do what they dont really like – due to the many constrains). Of course I dont mean that nothing should be done. Just suggest that it may be a general phenomena and no matter how hard our life may be – we may be still a lucky minority (?).

  2. I was teacher for 10 years and could follow the life trajectory of many of my students. Hundreds of reasons may limit free option to do what you like. Unfortunately a lot of them ended up in working places where they do one single movement all day (e.g. painting on a glass or packing socks or whatever…). In moments when I was complaining about the hard life of being teacher in RO (i.e. for a salary of 200 euro or less…) I was thinking to these people and feel lucky!

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