Forms without content?

By Tibor Hartel

Philosophers say that there is no form without content and no content without form. They are wrong, and the modern times demonstrated it. It is indeed possible to have a form without content:)

If you don’t believe me I suggest you to:

–          Compare the artistic works of the early-middle 20 century with the modern times.

–          Compare the architecture of the early-middle 20 century with that of modern times.

–          Compare the music of the early-middle 20 century with that of modern times.

–          Compare the average ecology paper of the early-middle century with an average ecology paper of a modern high ranked ecology journal.

You will find that indeed, forms without content exist. These forms without content (or with cheap content) are driving our modern society, including thinking – if you don’t observe them it is just because they are too obvious and they appear (look matters!) in a very fancy and sophisticated way. If you also observed the increasing number of young people who feel that something missing in this life – but they dont know what, it is probably that content which is missing. Modern society offer them structures with empty content.

I think we should try to refill the forms with meaningful content. And then start to talk about sustainability. Because it seems that the word sustainability, together with ‘conservation biology’ have the same fate as the above mentioned big intellectual maniphestations and products. They became cheap and empty soon after they appeared.

(I was thinking about these today morning while listening a Oliver Onions)

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