Unleashing curiosity and creativity

By Joern Fischer

Martin Dominik just emailed me with a very interesting link that I’d like to point out to people who were interested in our recent paper on Academia’s Obsession with Quantity. Martin recently initiated a Global Young Academy Working Group entitled “Unleashing Curiosity and Creativity” — sounds like pretty relevant similar ideas! Below a short video where the working group’s questions are introduced.


2 thoughts on “Unleashing curiosity and creativity

  1. ‘Academia’ is I guess one of the words which go under sharp change. In antic Greece it was the place of wisdom, knowledge and skills. Now is something different (e.g. the times deleted the wisdom parameter from the ‘definition’).

    I siggest Rene Guenon works, especially ‘The crisis of the modern world’ and ‘The reign of quantity and the signs of the times’. These are a bit stylised with hermeneutics – Guenon being THE representant of this philosophic branch in Europe. But, if you go beyond these (by the way very nice!) stylistics, you will find that Guenon was well aware about …’the signs of the times’.

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