The scream (research version)

by Tibor Hartel

Intellectually speaking, this weekend for me was about scrolling some papers from the special issue on soundscape ecology of the journal Landscape Ecology and surveying the exceptional works of Edvard Munch.

After these, I was thinking, what would happen if the desire for new and novel of the researchers would be translated in sounds (kind of scientific soundscape)?

I think some areas of Europe would be so loud that one would become deaf due to the noise. It is that type of noise, which is produced by scream: to maniphest, to be visible, to be noticed and nevertheless, to be influential.

However, in other areas of Europe (and in other times of Europe) the sounds would be nice, inspiring, just like that produced by the branches of the ancient trees, or that of the song birds or the yellow bellied toad.


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