Sustainability in Transylvania: whose responsibility?

By Joern Fischer

Southern Transylvania is a place of immense biodiversity, immense potential, and immense problems. Whose responsibility is it to fix these problems, or contribute to their resolution?

The semi-subsistence farmers, whose kids are leaving for the larger towns?

New private farmers, who run medium-sized enterprises?

The old who survive on government pensions?

The few Saxons who are left?

The Roma, who are numerous but born into a world that limits what they can be?

The Hungarian minority, because they have not lost their traditional culture and have strong social capital?

The Romanian majority, who is pursuing a Western European lifestyle?

The Romanian government?

International researchers?

The international community, perhaps the EU?

All equally?

In a connected and global world, none of us are without responsibility. But our power to cause change and self-direct our lives is radically different. So simply: extra responsibility comes with extra privilege. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to go through the above list and figure out who’s privileged and who’s not.


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