A nature action hero! (… but only for those who speak Hungarian)

By Joern Fischer

Hungarian has got to be one of the world’s strangest languages. How can you possibly use the letter “y” so often, and still make sense to your fellow human beings? I have no idea.

Anyway — Tibor Hartel (frequent contributor to this blog) has had his few minutes of fame on Hungarian national television. You can watch him saving wood pastures here — fast-forward to 14:38 min (this may work best in Internet Explorer):


What happens is that people burn the pastures, but old trees (with lots of dead components) also go up in flames sometimes — accidentally. This is a real problem because wood pastures are extraordinarily rich in biodiversity, and the old trees are the main reason for that.

See our previous blog entries on ancient wood pastures (overview), and their value for woodpeckers.


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