Interview with Hal Mooney in the journal “Sustainability Science”

By Joern Fischer

Here’s a nice interview with Harold Mooney — unfortunately not all open access, in the journal “Sustainability Science”.

Among other things he says:

Any advice for young scientists? — When I talk to students, I say “You are doing something you really like, something you feel is important, but just remember someone is paying you expecting that your work will deliver an improvement to their life.” That someone is usually the public. If you think that way, then you can say—“I have an obligation to repay society in some way.” I suggest students work on something that can be helpful around the world, using a model system that can answer basic science questions, but also has some practical application. So, always remember, you have an obligation as well as the skills to help society by making what you are doing understandable and relevant to society at large.

Nice words, I think!


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