Four sentences about the fate of the Saxon villages of Transylvania

By Tibor Hartel

We recently made 50 interviews and five focus group exercises to know how people perceive their village. Below four interesting quotes are presented, which capture well and wisely  what most of the interviewees told.

About the past.

‘The Saxons were decent, fair, working and good people’ (75 year old Hungarian woman from Drauseni about the past of her village, experienced by her).
‘I don’t blame times. I blame people.’ (72 year old Saxon woman from Viscri. She expressed this way the importance of community cohesion, no matter if times are worse or good).

About the present. 

‘Today nothing is working. People come together to discuss but everyone want to be chief, and they argue but are unable to make a common decision’ (48 year old Romanian man in Apold, about present community life in his village).

About the traditional agriculture (and its potential future).

‘Farmers with money use machineries and chemicals in agriculture. Those without money use traditional agriculture (23 year old woman from Apold, describing agriculture in her village).

3 thoughts on “Four sentences about the fate of the Saxon villages of Transylvania

  1. So, still there are young people staying in the villages not leaving to make money in the towns? Whatever the future may look like, depopulation due to migration into urban areas does not make it easier to sustain rural live.

  2. Hola many thanks! They are – a few, but undortunately dont make big difference. Rural life need to be more attractive for young people but how to make this I dont know. I feel that in two fronts can we think: (i) financially and (ii) at community level. I personally dont like (ii) this is why I would not go there. Nice greetings!!!

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