The most popular posts in this blog

By Joern Fischer

About three and a half months ago, I wrote a post entitled ‘what this blog will be all about‘. I concluded that the blog would be an experiment — which I’d keep up and running if it works out well, and attracts visitors. From my perspective, the blog has been fun to write so far, and on several occasions I have found it a good outlet for thoughts which I needed to reflect on. And it is attracting an increasing number of new visitors and subscribers. Even more satisfying if some of those thoughts then are of interest to others!

I’m really grateful to those who have helped me to write this blog (above all Tibor Hartel), and I am hoping to get more people involved in the writing of the blog in the future. For now, it’s kind of fun to have a look which entries have been popular so far. Here’s an overview of the most accessed entries so far:

Responsible reporting and responsible conduct with the media
Perception about life and the trajectory of traditional rural societies and landscapes in Romania (and possibly Eastern Europe)
Joining forces to close the sustainability gap
Sustainability starts in your own life
Poverty or biodiversity loss: an inevitable choice?
Who we are: Joern Fischer
Transdisciplinary research for sustainability: why and how?
How to be of use
The 2010 journal impact factors are out: should we care?
Who we are: Tibor Hartel
Sustainability or societal relevance?
More modelling and bigger scales … or not? What do you think?

Feel free to leave comments about this blog, especially if you’re not already a regular on this site! Thanks for your interest!

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