Australia’s paddock trees: loss of a cultural icon?

By Joern Fischer

The paddock tree is a cultural icon in Australia. Throughout the wheat-sheep growing parts of Eastern Australia, paddock trees are scattered through the landscape. They provide shade for livestock, habitat for animals, and improve water infiltration and landscape aesthetics.


In Australia, I was part of a research group that investigated the social and ecological values of paddock trees. Various materials arising from our work can be accessed here. Key collaborators are listed here.

One of our latest products has recently come online: a short simulation movie showing what we think might happen to Australia’s paddock trees under different management scenarios. Here’s the movie … feel free to let us know what you think!


One thought on “Australia’s paddock trees: loss of a cultural icon?

  1. Great to see such tangible outcomes from your project. Hope they have some impact.
    I would love to see an eye level view of the first scenario though…..


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